Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Busytown cardboard cars

Richard Scarry is known for his Busytown world, so we had to do something with cars..and what's not more fun than a bunch of cardboard boxes!

I first collected up a bunch of boxes and spend a night with an exacto blade and a RBusytown Cars book. I found the cars I wanted and went to work. Taping and cutting till I had somewhat of the shapes I wanted. I then painted, either by brush or spray all of the cars. 

This was no 1 night deal. I'd say over a course of a week, you could do it if you were determined, but it took me about a month off and on, working on it when I could.

After the cars were painted, I used a paint pen to draw any black details. I then used paper plates with colored paper and attached them onto the cardboard by making holes in the cardboard and inserting metal bendable fasteners.

The cars would then just need suspender type ribbon to hold the cars on. I made some holes and used some ribbon role I had and just cut and knotted. I also taped a few so they wouldn't come loose. 

Some of the ones I made were Bananas Gorillas Canana, The Cheese car, The Tow Truck, Mr Frumbles Pickle car, The Boat car and Dingo Doggies Car.

The idea was to create a roadway of sorts throughout the backyard using signs and banners.


These I found online or created some signs for special areas, like a car wash with streamers and gas station.

The rest was open, ready to roam..

We also had a Mr Fix Its Repair Shop where some of the drivers could stop and fix anything that needed fixing.

Even when we had a break down, our tow was there to help!

All the kids loved the cars..I highly recommend!

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mommydearest said...

Wow, these cars are incredible! You did a fantastic job! I found your blog from googling busytown party - I'm planning one myself. You have some great ideas!