A little Beauty

My Poppies just Bloomed
How Beautiful!!

Georgia O'Keefe anyone??


My Morning and Waterlife..movie to watch

I had quite the wild kingdom morning..2 huge bunnies munching on grass, a baby groundhog watching me feed the chickens and a meditating frog perched on the pond barley ball, all within 2 hours in my yard. As I captured Mr. frog with my camera, it reminded me about the movie I just happened to catch on Sundance channel called Waterlife

It is a beautifully done movie, focusing on the Great Lakes and their fresh water supply. I was shocked and saddened by what I learned, but think there is definitely a show of hope and promise about what we can learn from all they show in this film. Just a little tid bit I learned from the movie... Drinking water facilities can remove sediment, sewage, creating the normal tap water that we use everyday. It cannot remove antibiotics, anti-depressants, flame retardants, prescription drugs. It also quoted 2 companies who bottle this tap water and sell it to us as bottled water. Drink Up!

Their website is also great, very creative, interactive and informative. It can read like a book and you can follow the pages to learn more.

It's a movie you need to see!


Need To See Movie- We Are Public

Ever wonder where all this social networking came about?
facebook, blogging, twitter, webcams, chat rooms....

Well look no further!!!! Go and Watch..
We Live in Public

"Ten years in the making and culled from 5000 hours of footage, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC reveals the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, artist, futurist and visionary Josh Harris. Award-winning director Ondi Timoner (DIG! – which also won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2004 – making Timoner the only director to win that prestigious award twice) documented his tumultuous life for more than a decade to create a riveting, cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world inevitably takes control of our lives" -exerpt from their website
It's a pretty amazing thing to watch an idea come to life and basically inspire a revolution of web based social networking that has taken over all our lives..
If you use these things..You Need To Watch This!