Happy Valentines Gifts for your Little Wee Hearts!

With Valentines Day coming around the corner, here are some little goodies
to show a little Ecoleeko love this holiday..


For your sweet baby or toddler play, a sweet heart fabric ball!


Alittle sweetness on bunny's bum, you choose heart color!


A perfect heart for small hands. A great soft heart toy to fit in a small pocket.


Hope your Valentines day is full of love!


Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Cake, Food and Game Ideas

For me, Cake and Food need to be easy and simple. Since it was a Richard Scarry car related birthday, I decided to find a car shaped cake pan to try. I had never used a shape pan, and was a bit reluctant, but I think it ended up just fine.

I found images I wanted to use for the wheels and people inside and laminated them so they wouldnt be ruined by the frosting, although I do think cardstock would hold up just fine for the party time.

I also made some gluten free cupcakes for some of our attendees.

The food was simple, snacks, drinks and just a couple of prep dishes.

Kids want finger foods and adults want something a little more, so it was a win win. And you can never go wrong with veggies and hummus! The other dishes were a veggie/ cream cheese bake, cut up watermelon, pretzels, a chex type mix I threw together, and baked spinach balls.

GoldBug Game

Another thing I made was a find and I spy type of game. Kids would get a card and have to go look for goldbug, since he hides everywhere in the Richard Scarry stories, I thought It'd be fun.

I chose somewhat easy locations, since most of the kids would be under 4. I enlarged a picture of goldbug and printed him out a couple of times. I then laminated him and stuck him in the designated spaces. In the pond..

On the tree..

 In the garden..

The kids loved it and it was super easy to do.

Overall, the Richard Scarry party was a success. With the amount of online and book resources, it is nice and easy to find images and materials you can use. 
Everyone had a great time and it was a lot of fun to do!

Until next years party!..


Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Busytown cardboard cars

Richard Scarry is known for his Busytown world, so we had to do something with cars..and what's not more fun than a bunch of cardboard boxes!

I first collected up a bunch of boxes and spend a night with an exacto blade and a RBusytown Cars book. I found the cars I wanted and went to work. Taping and cutting till I had somewhat of the shapes I wanted. I then painted, either by brush or spray all of the cars. 

This was no 1 night deal. I'd say over a course of a week, you could do it if you were determined, but it took me about a month off and on, working on it when I could.

After the cars were painted, I used a paint pen to draw any black details. I then used paper plates with colored paper and attached them onto the cardboard by making holes in the cardboard and inserting metal bendable fasteners.

The cars would then just need suspender type ribbon to hold the cars on. I made some holes and used some ribbon role I had and just cut and knotted. I also taped a few so they wouldn't come loose. 

Some of the ones I made were Bananas Gorillas Canana, The Cheese car, The Tow Truck, Mr Frumbles Pickle car, The Boat car and Dingo Doggies Car.

The idea was to create a roadway of sorts throughout the backyard using signs and banners.


These I found online or created some signs for special areas, like a car wash with streamers and gas station.

The rest was open, ready to roam..

We also had a Mr Fix Its Repair Shop where some of the drivers could stop and fix anything that needed fixing.

Even when we had a break down, our tow was there to help!

All the kids loved the cars..I highly recommend!


Richard Scarry DIY Birthday party - Busytown Decorations, Favors

Now that we have our invites, It's onto Inside Decorations and Favors..

I love Decorations, But this time since the basis of the party will hopefully be outside running around in cardboard busy town cars, I would try and limit decorations to only around the table types. So I started with a banner.

I used an old "Things that Go" book that was ripped up, and cut out pennant triangles. I needed one for Every letter of Happy Birthday and his name. 

I found the letters in one of the Richard Scarry books that lists the alphabet. I enlarged them and printed them out 2"H. I cut them out with a die cutter and double stick taped them to the pennants. 
I then used some binding strip that I had laying around and sewed the pennants together to form a banner. Whalla!

The rest of my inside decorations would be online store bought Richard Scarry brand paper plates, napkins, hats and paper mats. The reusable cups, hats and mats could be taken by the attending children.

For the center of the tables, I wanted to use authentic vintage Richard Scarry toys. 
I found some of the figures on Ebay.com and found a great book, Richard Scarry's Best Make-It book (LINK)
I highly recommend it, there are TONS of cut out paper people, vehicles and toys.

In the Make It book, is a great pattern to make a Lowly Worm plush. There he is twirled around a party hat. I made him and added wire inside so we could make him bend. 

Besides, that, I just blew up some balloons, hung streamers and collected all our Richard Scarry books and made a nice table of them so kids or adults could look at.


For the party favors, I wanted them to be Richard Scarry related. I always love to give books, so I found a great lot of new books on Ebay.com. I knew about 8 kids were coming, so I got 10, just to be safe.I didn't want the subject matter to be too boyish, so I chose Shapes and opposites.

I then looked for some small figures, and found bananas Gorilla riding in his banana car in a huge lot at a great price.  The notepads I found at the online party store with the former decorations. I added a twist crayon for the older children.

The Thank you tagged I created by finding a vehicle I liked and cut and pasted text from a book till I had "Thank You for coming".

I found some Chinese take out style containers in blue, so I filled them up with goodies and also included a snack, older kids got gummies, younger received the crackers.
I wrapped the books and attached tags for everyone, and Whalla!

Next, Let's play Cars Busy Town Style!


Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Invites

Richard Scarry, Who doesn't remember and love Richard Scarry!? 

My son loved and loves Richard Scarry books, any and all, so many amazing illustrations of a whole world! It was the perfect theme for his 3rd Birthday Party. He especially loved The Things that Go books he wrote. It seemed like a no brainer..we would go with that loosely and have to have cardboard cars to ride in!

But to start, Invites..

To start, I just started out finding images I liked, luckily for me I picked up some battered used ones at a thrift store, and could use them for images on decorations as well later.

I chose some vehicles and I liked the way he had a plane with a banner so I could use that to write his age. I would layout the vehicles to look like everyone was coming to the party.

I found in one of the books an alphabet, so I cut and pasted the letters I needed to make his name, the date and the word "celebrate".  
The images are all from various books and I added some words that I wanted as well. The party one is a great one, and even an image of Hilda Hippo carrying a cake. priceless!
I found the clock on a page and cut and pasted the hands to point to the party time.

I liked the idea of the invite folded like an accordion, so I printed them on longer paper, 16" wide. That way, the image could continue the whole invite. 
Overall, I think it looked colorful and fun!

Next Up, Decorations and Favors..


New Year, New Work..Custom For You!

As I scroll through images from past work, I realize I have lots of fun custom work I never really share. So I decided to post a couple of pictures of some custom work I've done. 

Custom work is great, It allows you to have control over exactly what you want and how you want it.  Through color, size and design, You can co-design something really special for your loved one or special friend.

I offer custom work through my Etsy shop and website. I've designed for businesses and for retail customers. I always enjoy trying to design different patterns and playing with new fabric combinations. 

The Lion is a favorite and I've had numerous customers want it larger. I've made it in 3 sizes. The largest was about 17" H stuffed with weighted arms and legs for Autism sensory work and play. 

I've made fun dinosaurs, This one being a T-Rex of course! It was fun to figure out a new pattern for a doll that stands up.

I've had many customers want an item I already make in another colorway. Here are some items I regularly offer but have made in natural, undyed fabrics.

Bunnies are always a favorite, and I'm always open to creating one in any colorway. Here's one in light purple, A customers daughters favorite color..

A customer wanted a group of Organic natural colored bunnies, so I added tan, brown and charcoal to her color choices.

Bath Mitts are a great gift. Here's a Panda Bear Bath Mitt commissioned for a panda bear loving new mom to be.

I've also done a couple of like styled dolls of Figures.

But the suit is the best... It was for a wedding. He was a Flower Guy (:

If you are interested in me creating something for you, please visit my website custom inquiries page here. I can create anything I already make in any colorway and can possibly create something specific you'd like.