MiiniMoh - Handmade Wood Toys

Handmade and natural, Melody of Miinimoh makes adorable wood figures, stackers, sorting toy sets and more. 
I recently had the privilege to acquire some of Miinimoh fun items for my son. I chose the acorn sorting set, plus an additional pink bowl ( everyone needs a little pink!) and a rainbow ribbon ring.

My son had fun taking each bowl out of the package and got excited when he saw all the colorful wooden acorns. 

Who could resist such bright wonderful colors! Each bowl has 2 coordinating colored acorns that fit in each bowl. 

Great for color learning, sorting, counting, hide n seek and more. He also liked stacking all the bowls and of course, using the bowl to throw the acorns in the air.

The rainbow ring is a fun toy for running..oh yes, lots of running..

And running..

Did I say running?

He had a lot of fun holding it and making it swish in the air while he ran. The ring can also be used for imaginative play, counting, color learning and more.

Super cute safe and colorful toys! We are having fun with them and I know we will for years to come. You can too by visiting Minnimoh and Melody at her shop on Etsy.