Handmade Organic Childs Tee Pee Playhouse

For my sons 1st Birthday gift I decided to make him something from a new book I received as a gift.

It's called "Growing Up Sew Liberated", making handmade clothes & projects for your creative child, by Meg McMlwee. It's a super cute book that has a lot of great patterns included, like clothes, toys and this great teepee playhouse, or a hideaway play tent.

I found a bunch of organic cotton canvas I had laying around so I figured it would be perfect for this project.  I reviewed the instructions and altered the pattern to add another 2 feet of height to the teepee, I want something he can grow with and play in till his bigger. (The teepee pattern is a set of instructions, so you can alter the size if you want). 

Besides fabric you would need 4 poles that would slide into the teepee channels, so it can stay up. I found some at a local improvement store. You need a lot of room to lay out, so a floor or large table is good to have.

In the back, I enlarged the window and added velcro so it can roll up. He tried to crawl out of it at first, but it can be used when he can walk and look in.

After it was done, we set it up in his soon to be playroom downstairs. It has now become the chill area for some stuffed animals since he's small still, but am sure it will be the place to be when he's bigger! Happy Playing!