Fall Favorites for Home II

These picks are Yummy Yummy! There is nothing better than apples and pumpkins for fall, and what better way to celebrate them by smelling and eating them!

Let's start with this yummy Macintosh apple candle by Orchardhome. I can just smell it now filling my house with it's delicious scent!

And then we can all share a scrumptious treat of Pumpkin bread baked by Thedeeva.
Perfect for dessert, breakfast or just when you would love a delicious snack...Ahh Fall!


Fall Favorites for Home

But what about Home! Home is where we can all relax and snuggle by the warm fire this Fall..
Especially if it's with this gorgeous cable knit afghan blanket by Juliannadw.
While drinking this delicious Earl Grey tea by Northcountryteas with friends.
A perfect fall evening!


Fall Favorites III

I always loved the dark red-purple leaves that mix with the oranges and yellows. These 2 pieces remind me of that perfectly.

This beautiful burgundy felt cap by Colorscapedesigns with a lovely floral embellishment..

Pairs up perfect with this felted scarf made by Kallerin. Purples mixed with the colors of tangerine leaves..Perfect for an Autumns day.


Fall Favorites

oooh..I can feel the wind and leaves falling already!

But I could be be warm and snuggly, not to mention cute in this adorable hat by Cimarrona.
How awesome is this! Ears aren't just for animals or kids anymore, I want to have fun too!
And how about this beautifully knitted by Bananaquintana. It looks so nice and cozy.
Oh how I can't wait for Fall!


Fall is approaching...

And I am gearing up ready to find some fabulous items to keep me snuggly warm this season. I've scoured the great site of Etsy.com to find some of my favorites to feature during the month of September. There are many talented artisans out there making wonderful items to wear this fall and winter season.

Why not treat yourself and buy something beautifully handmade this season!
Etsy.com is a great site to find unique and handmade items for yourself or for perfect gifts. You can find everything from goat's milk soap, handmade printed cards and recycled birdhouses to realistic paintings, silver jewelry, flower teapots and luxurious alpaca scarves.

Let's start September right with 2 beautiful handmade pieces I found today..

This beautiful necklace is the first of my favorites, knitted by Knittingshop. I love the 2 colors together and it is so lovely. I'm sure it would become a wonderful conversation piece at a dinner or party. How sweet...
I also love this green felted hat by Mojackson. The flower is simply beautiful and combined, they create such a feminine classic style. Really the perfect fall addition to your wardrobe!

Stay tuned for more Fall favorites to come!!