What's in your canned goods?

Since I've had a baby, my husband and I have been learning all about what's in everything and we've found some surprising and disturbing issues especially with food. One in particular is with BPA, or Bisphenol A. You may know it from hearing about Baby bottle issues with BPA. Now every bottle is labelled BPA free, and that's a great thing. What you may not know is that BPA is still used and widely in many products.

BPA is controversial because it mimics hormone-like properties when used, affecting the endocrine system. It can also affect neurological, thyroid, heart issues and possibly be linked to cancer . Take a look at the FDAs page on public health effects of BPA.... And some how it is still used in polycarbonate plastics, epoxy resins used in almost all can linings and has been found in some paper products you may use. that's pretty frightening!

Wikipedia has an amazing in depth look into BPA, please take a look to understand the history and a more well rounded idea of what it can cause.

So you figure since it has been shown to cause issues, it shouldn't be used right? Especially if you are a breastfeeding woman eating canned goods, you can transfer it to your infant, who is most at risk for hormonal issues with this chemical. Baby bottles aren't the only container to change...


What is shocking, is that most companies have not tried to stop using BPA in their canned linings..well no one advertising themselves as BPA-free except ONE, who uses a vegetable based enamel material to safely line their cans, Eden Foods! You can read more about how they came to that decision and why on their website. If this concerns you at all, please support them in their thoughtful change and purchase their canned goods instead.

Besides cans, BPA is also found in register receipts or thermal point of sale receipts, carbonless copy paper, and can be found on bills of money, since so many of us save receipts in wallets and the BPA residue can get on the bills. Recycled paper such as toilet paper also have traces of BPA, since receipt paper is used when the recycling process is done. BPA is also being found in wastewater, due to the traces in toilet paper leaching into the water supply.

I don't know what the answer is to the toilet paper issue, unfortunately we all use it and it seems until the recycling of these BPA paper products is dealt with, we will continue to add more of this disrupting chemical into our environment. Atleast as consumers, we can support companies like Eden, like these few other organic companies , and demand change from others who still use BPA lined cans, it seems like it's crazy for a company especially selling organic food to use BPA lined cans!

Thanks for reading my rant..until the next (:


Handmade Nursery- Cicrafts

I absolutely love these handmade crochet balls and frisbee!

They were hand crocheted by Ilene of Cicrafts on Etsy.com. the bright colors are absolutely adorable! I love the bright stripes and super soft yarn. 

The small ball is big enough for my 9 month old to grasp and roll. He loves to squish it and hold. 

The large one is a great size to play catch when he is older, but for now, we roll and snuggle it to his belly during play, which always gets him to giggle. the frisbee is a great small pillow for him to roll over and rest his head on for now. I'm sure we'll be throwing it around soon enough!

Take a look at her shop. Her handmade items are super affordable and very cute. She also makes other items like blankets, dresses and animals. These balls are a definite perfect gift for a new mommy or daddy. I really love them and can see me ordering more for my son!
Support handmade (:


My morning reads

I came across a great website, full of inspiring and interesting posts. Since I've joined their Free subscription, I've been reading them every morning, and I love the stories and lessons they are sharing. It's called The Tiny Buddha.

It's also has become a book..Every day, I am emailed 2 posts, each written by various people talking about various things, but each sharing daily wisdom, like "Less is More", "Letting Go" or "Tips to achieve your Dreams". You can choose to get news feeds daily or weekly when you sign up. The posts are very thought provoking, inspiring and helpful. They can remind us to take time for ourselves and breathe for a moment.

I've shared the site with others close to me and wanted to share with you. It's a great news feed to start your day..Take a look at The Tiny Buddha. It'll cheer up your day,Guaranteed! (:


Doll New Re-Designs

I am happy to say I am now a proud mommy of a sweet little boy! 8 months and counting, I am slowly learning about all things mommy. Since then I've had to learn to streamline and reorganize my time, or lack there of! HA!

And made time to redesign my large plush, something I've been meaning to do for the past year.

The new large plush dolls are the same great size and have the same bright, fun colorations. There is now less stitching on the arms and legs, making them more durable for your little ones!


Do you Pinterest?

Lately I've been exploring Pinterest, the new site that acts like an online bulletin board. It's a great resource for inspiration, ideas and just all around visual candy. It's free to sign up and easy to maneuver. Here's a small screen shot of my profile...

You can create boards any way you'd like to divide your "pins" or links to various pictures and websites. I love all the DIY and craft ideas everyone has found and shared! You can also find your own websites or posts in cyberspace and "pin" them to Pinterest so you can share them with others. Check it out! and if you are browsing, some check out my pins (: