My morning reads

I came across a great website, full of inspiring and interesting posts. Since I've joined their Free subscription, I've been reading them every morning, and I love the stories and lessons they are sharing. It's called The Tiny Buddha.

It's also has become a book..Every day, I am emailed 2 posts, each written by various people talking about various things, but each sharing daily wisdom, like "Less is More", "Letting Go" or "Tips to achieve your Dreams". You can choose to get news feeds daily or weekly when you sign up. The posts are very thought provoking, inspiring and helpful. They can remind us to take time for ourselves and breathe for a moment.

I've shared the site with others close to me and wanted to share with you. It's a great news feed to start your day..Take a look at The Tiny Buddha. It'll cheer up your day,Guaranteed! (:

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