New Year, New Work..Custom For You!

As I scroll through images from past work, I realize I have lots of fun custom work I never really share. So I decided to post a couple of pictures of some custom work I've done. 

Custom work is great, It allows you to have control over exactly what you want and how you want it.  Through color, size and design, You can co-design something really special for your loved one or special friend.

I offer custom work through my Etsy shop and website. I've designed for businesses and for retail customers. I always enjoy trying to design different patterns and playing with new fabric combinations. 

The Lion is a favorite and I've had numerous customers want it larger. I've made it in 3 sizes. The largest was about 17" H stuffed with weighted arms and legs for Autism sensory work and play. 

I've made fun dinosaurs, This one being a T-Rex of course! It was fun to figure out a new pattern for a doll that stands up.

I've had many customers want an item I already make in another colorway. Here are some items I regularly offer but have made in natural, undyed fabrics.

Bunnies are always a favorite, and I'm always open to creating one in any colorway. Here's one in light purple, A customers daughters favorite color..

A customer wanted a group of Organic natural colored bunnies, so I added tan, brown and charcoal to her color choices.

Bath Mitts are a great gift. Here's a Panda Bear Bath Mitt commissioned for a panda bear loving new mom to be.

I've also done a couple of like styled dolls of Figures.

But the suit is the best... It was for a wedding. He was a Flower Guy (:

If you are interested in me creating something for you, please visit my website custom inquiries page here. I can create anything I already make in any colorway and can possibly create something specific you'd like.

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