Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Invites

Richard Scarry, Who doesn't remember and love Richard Scarry!? 

My son loved and loves Richard Scarry books, any and all, so many amazing illustrations of a whole world! It was the perfect theme for his 3rd Birthday Party. He especially loved The Things that Go books he wrote. It seemed like a no brainer..we would go with that loosely and have to have cardboard cars to ride in!

But to start, Invites..

To start, I just started out finding images I liked, luckily for me I picked up some battered used ones at a thrift store, and could use them for images on decorations as well later.

I chose some vehicles and I liked the way he had a plane with a banner so I could use that to write his age. I would layout the vehicles to look like everyone was coming to the party.

I found in one of the books an alphabet, so I cut and pasted the letters I needed to make his name, the date and the word "celebrate".  
The images are all from various books and I added some words that I wanted as well. The party one is a great one, and even an image of Hilda Hippo carrying a cake. priceless!
I found the clock on a page and cut and pasted the hands to point to the party time.

I liked the idea of the invite folded like an accordion, so I printed them on longer paper, 16" wide. That way, the image could continue the whole invite. 
Overall, I think it looked colorful and fun!

Next Up, Decorations and Favors..

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