Richard Scarry DIY Birthday Party - Cake, Food and Game Ideas

For me, Cake and Food need to be easy and simple. Since it was a Richard Scarry car related birthday, I decided to find a car shaped cake pan to try. I had never used a shape pan, and was a bit reluctant, but I think it ended up just fine.

I found images I wanted to use for the wheels and people inside and laminated them so they wouldnt be ruined by the frosting, although I do think cardstock would hold up just fine for the party time.

I also made some gluten free cupcakes for some of our attendees.

The food was simple, snacks, drinks and just a couple of prep dishes.

Kids want finger foods and adults want something a little more, so it was a win win. And you can never go wrong with veggies and hummus! The other dishes were a veggie/ cream cheese bake, cut up watermelon, pretzels, a chex type mix I threw together, and baked spinach balls.

GoldBug Game

Another thing I made was a find and I spy type of game. Kids would get a card and have to go look for goldbug, since he hides everywhere in the Richard Scarry stories, I thought It'd be fun.

I chose somewhat easy locations, since most of the kids would be under 4. I enlarged a picture of goldbug and printed him out a couple of times. I then laminated him and stuck him in the designated spaces. In the pond..

On the tree..

 In the garden..

The kids loved it and it was super easy to do.

Overall, the Richard Scarry party was a success. With the amount of online and book resources, it is nice and easy to find images and materials you can use. 
Everyone had a great time and it was a lot of fun to do!

Until next years party!..

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