My Morning and Waterlife..movie to watch

I had quite the wild kingdom morning..2 huge bunnies munching on grass, a baby groundhog watching me feed the chickens and a meditating frog perched on the pond barley ball, all within 2 hours in my yard. As I captured Mr. frog with my camera, it reminded me about the movie I just happened to catch on Sundance channel called Waterlife

It is a beautifully done movie, focusing on the Great Lakes and their fresh water supply. I was shocked and saddened by what I learned, but think there is definitely a show of hope and promise about what we can learn from all they show in this film. Just a little tid bit I learned from the movie... Drinking water facilities can remove sediment, sewage, creating the normal tap water that we use everyday. It cannot remove antibiotics, anti-depressants, flame retardants, prescription drugs. It also quoted 2 companies who bottle this tap water and sell it to us as bottled water. Drink Up!

Their website is also great, very creative, interactive and informative. It can read like a book and you can follow the pages to learn more.

It's a movie you need to see!

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