Dyeing Eggs with Natural Food Dye for Easter..

It's Easter and it's time for my sons first time dyeing eggs!

  I had natural food grade dyes from making play dough in my previous post. The dyes work well and I've also used them for frosting so why not egg dyeing?

I first got together some basics, glass bowls filled 1/2 way with warm water and added 2 Tablespoons of vinegar. I then found an egg dipper I had (you can easily make one out of wire or just use a spoon). I also had a white crayon we could draw with to use as a resist.

We have our own chickens so I had eggs, most were brown and a couple white, but I suggest using white to show more color. The brown eggs, as you will see, tended to not show the pinks and yellows as much. 

I had 4 colors; red, blue, green and yellow. They are made by confectioncraft

I diluted the dye paste in the bowls and stirred them around. You can see the colors they became. The blue became a purplish color.

My son then dunked a few in. After a few minutes, I realized this would not be as fast as the dyes you get at a store. It would take some time and the eggs would have to sit a bit. So we went out and played for 1/2 hour.

After returning we found the above. the purple had dyed the eggs to almost a grayish purple, which I though was amazing. The yellow did well on the white egg. The reds hardly did anything. It gave a slight hue to the brown egg, but I am thinking a white egg would do much better.

After some re-dipping we concluded with the above eggs. A nice subtle range of natural earthy colors.

You can see how each is slightly different.

We will have fun hiding and eating them!

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