Curious George DIY Birthday Party- Invitations

Curious George, everyone's favorite monkey! 

Well he is definitely my sons and for a 2 year old boy, he is a perfect birthday theme! My son loves the Curious George show on PBS every morning so this was a great choice.

With lots of free images online, PBS made my work easy. I first thought up what i wanted to do at the party them made a list of everything I would need to design such as the invitation, signs for any games, favor tags, a banner, etc. I started with the invites..


To start with the Invite, I found an image I liked with a birthday cake, seemed appropriate. I downloaded it and filled in the colors I wanted. I used adobe photoshop to design and add my sons name onto the cake. I filled in the rest with balloons and stripes and designed the front. The back would be mostly text and just a couple of images. 

I also used the Curious George head image for the address labels on the envelopes.

There are a ton of black n white images you can use to design your own invites. It's very easy and fun if you have access to an art program. If not, you can find many artists to help you on Etsy.

Next Post is Decorating and Food!

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