Curious George DIY Birthday Party Ideas- Games

Curious George, everyone's favorite monkey! 

For my sons 2nd Birthday party, I wanted to plan out some games we could play, like mini golf, monkey knock down and a bean bag toss. So to start, I made a sign for each game. I placed it with a balloon so the kids could see where the start was. 

Monkey Toss.. 

For the Monkey Toss I sewed fabric bean bags and filled them with beans. The colors were to match the color scheme. The bean bag idea would also become favors for each child. 

We purchased a large piece of wood and cut out a couple of holes in different areas. I then found an image I liked and projected it into the wood. I painted the picture with acrylic and  latex paints we had and whalla..a Curious George bean bag toss! 

Just grab a basket, fill with bean bags and set up the sign..Easy! You could also make a smaller toss board like George's face or a specific character your child likes.

Monkey Mini Golf..

My son had just gotten a play set of golf clubs and really liked playing with it. I searched "Curious George coloring" in Google and loads of black and white clear line pictures came up. I chose my favorites and filled in the color in adobe photo shop. I then printed them to be the mini golf main pictures. My husband had foam board laying around so we backed them up. But you could use cardboard from a box. I am lucky to have a printer able to print good images, but all of these ideas can be printed at your local stationary store if you don't have access.

I already had balloon Sticks, they are sticks to attach a balloon, instead of using helium, you just blow them up yourself and stick the knot through the balloon stick top. Then you can use them anywhere, they stick easy in dirt or you can make a display with them. I used them for each hole.

I designed some mini golf tee number flags, printed them up and attached one to each balloon stick. I only did 1 through 5 numbers, we aren't doing serious golfing here! (; 

I dug out some random holes in the backyard and stuck the balloon stick by the hole. Then I placed a picture at each hole. 

We already had ping pong balls and some small golf clubs and Whalla..Monkey mini golf!

 Monkey Knock Down!

 Monkey knock down is easy. Bean bags and a couple of cans are all you need. 

I made some more bean bags with the same fabric from the bean bag toss. 

Then I saved some cans from the recycling.(These exact cans were organic cocoa powder cans). I wrapped them in a striped gift wrap and whalla! Knock down cans. I set them up on an old crate and the kids had a ball!

We also had dinosaur bones in the sandbox to find. At this age you don't really need much. Kids find all sorts of things to do outside at a party!

Next..Let them eat cake!!

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