Curious George DIY Birthday Party- Cake & Favors

Curious George, everyone's favorite monkey!


So my son was 2, so I made him his own cake along with making more practical cupcakes. I found a nice figure online and wanted to use some type of fondant for decoration. It being my first time, it came out OK. I don't advise eating it, but It can be used as nice decor. To cut it, I used some cookie cutters and just a knife. The twirls were just wrapped around a straw then were slid off and set to dry.

I found some nice cupcake cups that matched the colors, I think they were under the theme "circus" . 

I made a small cake banner that said Happy 2nd Sebastian and used 2 balloon sticks to hold it up.

I also did something I found online. I pre-scooped ice cream into leftover cupcake cups. Then froze them on a cookie sheet. When it was time to serve, I just brought out the sheet and ice cream was all ready. Super easy!! (You can see them on the left lower side)

The ending to the party, was the fun favors.. 
In each one was-
  • A Curious George book ( you can find new sets of 6 paperback books on ebay)
  • 3 bean bags I made in the coordinating colors
  • A Curious George magnet I made (You can find other items on Etsy)
  • 2 lollipops with curious george hanging on like balloons (printed out george pic and taped to candy)
 It was a great party and fun to do! And my Mr was crazy sugar delirious after (:

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