Eric Carle DIY Birthday Party Ideas- Crayon Favors

Well, to have a childrens party, you need fun favors! So of course, they need to be inspired by Eric carle style..hmmm!???  

So first, brights colors are a must! All the children are under 3 years old, so something toddler friendly. Of course they each will get a mask that we made previously. So I decided on crayons, a nice natural rubber punching balloon and a sewn stuffed doll with an Eric Care animal print. I purchased the balloons, easy! then I made chunky large crayons. 

This was super easy. All you need is a box of crayons, a muffin tin or some sort of mold, vegetable spray or oil on a napkin to coat the mold and an oven. 

First, you coat the mold lightly with vegetable oil. Next, you tear off the crayon wrappers and break them into pieces, I found an exacto blade works wonders, just slice down the side and it's done. Then you sprinkle the pieces in each mold. I tried to keep like colors together but you can make mixed or rainbow ones too. 

I then preheated an oven to 250 degrees. I placed the muffin tin inside and waited for about 10 minutes, depending on your oven. Mine melted nicely, once totally melted, you take it out and let cool. To rush it, you can place it in the freezer, just be careful, it's hot! After it's set, just turn the tin over and hit, and they will come out super easy. (I did have one stick, and used a knife to help it out.) 

I made a couple for each kid. I then placed them in a cello bag and created tags on my computer with the same hungry caterpillar dot design I used on the invites. each was then tied with a twisty tie. Cute! (For the much younger, use larger molds to create a very chunky crayon as you can see on the right) 

I also had 2 nieces both over 3 years old coming on a later date, so I made them both crayon rolls. I used Eric Carle printed fabric along with organic cotton canvas to create their crayon rolls. (* Please note the Eric Carle fabrics are for personal use only, and cannot be made into items and sold commercially) 

They had velcro closures and a handle for easy carrying. There is also a small pocket for a notebook, stickers or notes to keep with them. You never know what little girls might need! 

Next..Eric Carle Party favor Animals Dolls... 

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