Eric Carle DIY Birthday Party Ideas- Masks

 Now that I had my animals made, I set out to make some Eric Carle style masks. 

Since the party was a panda, polar bear theme, I decided to use one of each. I found 2 images I liked and scanned them in my computer. I made them bigger to fit the width of a child's head because I wanted to cut eyes to match up. I then printed them out and cut them out. 

I figured where the eyes needed to be and cut out holes. I laminated (totally optional) the masks, as I want them durable and to last. I poked 2 holes for elastic and tied elastic string to each side. I made it long enough to fit around their heads, but slightly taught to not be loose.(* Please note the Eric Carle imagery is copyrighted and cannot be sold commercially) 

It was super cute to have little pandas and polar bears running around!! Love it!! Each child got to take one home and continue to play and be little bears!!  

Next Up..What to do about invites? 

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