Down on the farm.....ers market!

Ecoleeko's first summer on the Village Green in Hamilton New York, in the farmers market! Here are some photos of my first weeks set up..It has changed and I'm sure will progress during the summer, as I learn of better ways to display different items. Luckily I came across these inexpensive metal CD holders to display the Bath Mitts upright. I created those cloud and tree displays from crates and wood which my husband helped cut..I'm not a jigsaw pro what so ever! Then painted and stamped with leaves.
I created the sign out of leftover canvas that I had painted on years ago. It easily was sewn and hemmed. As you can see, I also made sure I had a good supply of any postcards or brochures to hand out!
The back banner is also made from repainted canvas, which I then added grommets to and whalla, an inexpensive sign! The easy Up I acquired years ago, and is very nice to have for any show event.
I lastly, made a small painted wood sign to hang from the corner with a plant hanger so everyone can see who's inside!

Some good ideas I found while researching were..
-Have a way to accept credit cards..I started with propay. You just get a 'knucklebuster and some forms, accept their cards and process online. Very easy and great for larger purchases.
-Create a mailing list for emails or addresses so you can build a local mailing
-Have postcards, bus. cards, brochures available for free
-Bring socks, mittens, etc for weather changes..you never know!
-Have a place to keep your paperwork. I created a small folio where I keep my market permit, tax sign, market map, policies, etc. It's easy and I know where my info is at all times.
-Since I'm so anal, HA!, I also created a checklist I print out the day before the market or show. This week, I'll describe what's on it and how to make one yourself!


Little Flower Designs said...

wow, no I mean WOW! Sue, your display is awesome!!! I might have to borrow your wood sign idea ; )
Lady you rock!

GreenWorks said...

Love the inventory and your stall is amazing looking! The wooden sign is genius