Creating a Craft Show Inventory list

Creating an inventory list for your upcoming shows can be easy and keep you organized.. I created an inventory list after researching what to bring to shows, what you'd forget, need, want, etc. I then used word, but you could use any program to make it in. I first made an area for the date on the top, like..

Then a list for my inventory on the left side, Like..

Item QTY
Doll 1 ___
Doll 2 ___

Doll 3 ___
And so forth, this way, I can keep track of what my inventory is, what I brought and what I leave with.

Then on the Right side I made a list of materials I need, Like..

___ Tent
___ Tables
___ Money box

And so forth. That way, before I pack, I check off everything so I make sure I have it.

(Some simple forgotten ideas I've found are..pens, double stick tape, scissors, stapler, free giveaways/candy, stamps or stickers, tablecloth weights or clips, camera, something to do or sketchbook, chairs, lunch, drinks, extra socks or gloves for cold mornings, extra price signs if needed.)

I then added a box at the bottom for notes to remember at my next show. I may change that eventually to maybe an area to write my sales. I find I'll jot a list of them there anyway, along with messages of other things to bring, peoples contacts, etc. Really anything you want to remember.

Everytime I do a show, the night before, I print one out, write in the date and inventory. Check off my materials and put it in my binder, that way I have it with me and it keeps a record of my shows and inventory. I've found it's a great way to keep me organized.. Maybe it can help you too!

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