My Body Trio Picks

Anti-Bug Balm
By Badger..This nice handy balm comes in a small tin, you can fit anywhere! I garden a lot, so this is the perfect remedy for those pesky insects to steer clear! The fresh citronella scent is lovely and certified organic.. Lather me up!

Peaceful Patchouli Moisturizer By Kiss My Face..OOh I particularly love this Scent..Yum! It is a nice light moisturizer that is quickly absorbed into the skin with a light scent. This is my favorite, but all the scents are all wonderful.. Nice to put on after those cool showers!

Traditional Gardenia Oil
By Yves Rocher...I love this scent, It smells wonderfully tropical! I use this in my hair in the summer. Besides smelling great, It adds beautiful highlights and moisture on those hot n dry days.

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