AAh Summer..Finally?

Looks like summer weather is finally here, it's only July 24th! HA! Geez, where did it all go? I've been doing the farmers market, keeping busy with home projects and making more ecoleeko items! Newly posted on Etsy is Bock Bock Chicken.

Made of soft sustainable bamboo fleece and all natural fillings of course! Also coming soon are Fuzz Baa Lina Sheepy Farm Friend and Touch Me Snake! Bock Bock is inspired by my 23 chickens that love to bock at each other. We now also have a brooding hen barred rock that won't let you at the eggs when we collect them. The Sheep is inspired by sheep of course! I've always loved them and used to go to sheep and wool festivals in Maryland. The snake is inspired by our gardener snake family that lives in our back garden bed. They love to sun themselves on the steps and sometimes I almost step on them. They are fun to watch and slide and slither around the flowers.
I'll be also doing some local craft shows to feel my way in CNY. First is the Clinton Art & Music Festival on August 29th in Clinton NY. I also am doing one in November, The Herkimer County Arts & Crafts Fair on November 14th & 15th in Herkimer, NY. Please join my newsletter on the side for more upcoming information on these shows and new products!

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