Spring has Sprung! Or has Summer?

Ladies in waiting..

The First Ladies in Yellow..

Thanks to this crazy 80-90 degree weather we've been having..All the daffodils shot up within a week and even the tulips are gearing up to bloom. I've taken some pictures of the new daffodil bulbs my dad got me last fall. They are so beautiful and frilly! I've never seen some of the types before and they are all so different. The tulips are in waiting and are ready to go.

We moved our ducks and chicks outside to enjoy the fresh air, also because the ducks like to make messes, if you didn't know. They love to get in the water and spill it on everything, so grass is great..no need to clean up! Also, they are all getting so big so fast, it's pretty amazing to watch. Even the chicks are turning different colors, the yellow get white and the rust get darker.

Next on the bloom list are the lilacs and apple trees...ooh!

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